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The Little Yarnmouth Abduction by Tim Van Minton

Title – The little yarnmouth abduction

Author – Tim Van minton

My Rating – 4

Goodreads Rating – 4.3


img_4870Falsely accused of murder, twelve-year-old Evan Peregrine battles through a raging storm to get home to the island of Little Yarnmouth, only to find it deserted. Searching for explanations he is soon plunged into the savage world of the Conkwoyoto, an Arctic tribe that turned to piracy after the polar ice cap broke apart. But there is something strangely familiar about these fearsome men and their tattooed faces, and memories of the day he lost his leg and his mother in a collision with an iceberg come flooding back. Now Evan must avoid being captured by the police and the Conkwoyoto while trying to track down the missing islanders, prove his innocence in a murder, and uncover the mystery of the Arctic tribe that’s traveled thousands of miles to Little Yarnmouth Island

My Thoughts 
This novel started out slow for me and I honestly didn’t think I would get into it. I absolutely loved this book. I finished it in one sitting, the writing was so easy to follow and just all around fantastic read. The story is focused around a boy named Evan, who gets framed for murder and tries to flee only to be caught in a storm for the night and not able to get back to his home island. When he awakens the next morning to find a girl named nira and soon they make their way back to his home land, only to find that no one is there. They soon go on the journey of finding all the islanders. This story is jam packed full of mystery and suspense and had me not wanting to put the book down. I hope the author writes a second novel because I just want more from this story. 


*** I did receive a copy of this free from the publisher, all thoughts on this book are strictly my own***



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