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Mid-year freakout tag

I enjoy doing tags and it gives me a chance to connect with the book community. I haven’t been tagged by anyone, as I am still a small blogger. ( I hope this changes, lol) It also gives me the chance to revisit some of the books I have read this year.

So let’s get started.

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017?


I loved this novel to pieces. This was such a short read, I never wanted it to end. You had an MC with anxiety, and autism and another one who was bisexual. You get to see both characters struggle and grow, it was such a cute read. It also dealt with sexism. I’m so glad I purchased this book and I highly recommend it.

2. Your favorite Sequel this year?


I haven’t really gotten a chance to read a series this year. I’ve been reading more solo books so I will do my most anticipated sequel for this year. I Loved flawed and I can’t wait to see where Cecelia takes the story in Perfect. I’m a sucker for this series and I hope she continues it on further.

3. A new release you haven’t read, but really want too?


This one sounds quite amazing and I have been told it has an anxiety rep. I’m not sure though, but as someone who suffers from general anxiety and social anxiety, I can’t wait to dig into this novel. I have heard nothing but great things about it. I will leave a Link below if you would like to check it out.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year?


This one has been getting so much praise on Twitter. I’m Hoping it is as good as they say. It is a world where you get a call that you are going to die that day. Through an app, you can connect with someone on their last day. Well, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio are connected and they get to live out their last day together having one last adventure. This book is probably going to shatter my heart into a thousand pieces, but I love Adam Silvera and his writing so it is totally worth it.

5. Your Biggest Disappointment?


This was probably the biggest disappointment this year. The novel was about 4 people who develop and app that was essentially a virtual grave, it kept you alive on social media after you passed away. This novel dealt with none of that, it centered around the four people and their problems, you barely had anything about the app or the development of it.

6. Your biggest surprise?


I was surprised at this novel and how much I liked it. Most books I read are high fantasy or contemporary. This one was about a dragon, I went into it not knowing anything about it but the synopsis. I quickly loved this book and Gabe. It was a very quick read and I recommend it to everyone.

7. Favorite new to you or debut author?


I have never read Neal Shusterman’s work. I had seen a few booktubers praising this one. I picked it up and WOW, I was at first disturbed by the book, but I quickly fell in love with it. The writing was amazing and I quickly became wrapped up in his world. It was a fantastic read, another high recommend.

8. Your new Fictional Crush?


Levi is the cutest, most adorable guy ever, don’t tell my husband I said that, lol. In the color project, levi runs a charitable organization that helps people when they are at their worst. He wears his heart on his sleeve and puts 100% into everything he does. I fell in love with this character while reading so much. he is a one of a kind. He reminds me a lot of my husband, I guess that’s why.

9. New Favorite Character?


Dimple, She is kickass and wants to have a career and make something of herself. She doesn’t put up with any misogynistic bs. She is a great character throughout this book. I wish i had her attitude about life. If you havent read when dimple met rishi, i highly recommend it, it is a amazing novel.

10. A Book That Made You Cry?


I cried so bad about the ending of this book, like full on crying. I’ve never cried at a book before, but this one just had me and I lost it. It is such a short amazing read about a boy whose mother is ill and the monster comes walking to help him learn his truth. This is easily my favorite novel of the year and you should read it and then watch the movie.

11. A Book That Made You Happy?


Talking about sappy, Paintbrush was a fun read. you were centered around two MCs who lived in a community called paintbrush. They grew food, helped each other out, and had a community dinner every Thursday night. It was a really good read and showed how everyone should be there for each other and help each other out.

12. Your Favorite Book to Movie Adaption?


Okay, don’t kill me but I did like fifty shades and the movie. I like erotica as a genre, you can explore yourself through it a little bit. I enjoyed the books and the first movie, I haven’t got a chance to see the second one yet. I can see people’s complaints about it being abusive, but they are both consenting adults, doesn’t make it right though.

13. Favorite Book Post so Far?


This was my favorite post, reviewing this book was difficult. It was such an amazing read, but I had a hard time reviewing it and not giving away the whole book. It was such a great novel and was literal fuckery, as I called it in my review. I hope you do get a chance to read it. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

14. Most Beautiful Book you have Purchased or Received this year?


I purchased this book at the begging of the year, I have yet to read it or crooked kingdom. I love how dark and cool the covers are on both books. I really had not heard anything about this book and found it on Amazon. I was intrigued by the cover and then the synopsis, so I purchased the book. I now since joining Twitter, have seen people raving about this series and I want to get to it sometime this year, hopefully.

15. What are some books that you need to read by the end of the year?

What books do I not need to read, lol. These are some of the new releases I’ve received from NetGalley this year and I’m hoping I can get to them before September. They all sound really amazing and should be great books?


Well, that is all of the questions, now I tag @thestarswhogazeback @whittynovels @Bedazzledbooklover


4 thoughts on “Mid-year freakout tag

  1. This was so much fun to read!! I love seeing what everyone else has enjoyed reading this year ☺️
    And ahh thanks for giving me my first tag! I can’t wait to see how our answers match up! I especially have to agree with you on Goodbye Days and Six of Crows 😌👌🏼

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