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Bookish Goodies and Bookstagram!!

I have noticed here in the past few weeks a lot more people are going to extreme lengths in their book pictures. They are putting candles, flowers, blankets, etc in their pictures and they look good, but all i see is a bunch of money in things just for a picture.

I enjoy sharing bookish pictures with all of you, but i must admit the most I’ve ever put into my Instagram is $20 for a gray bath rug and a few bundles of fake flowers. I couldn’t afford to share pictures like the others. Some of those candles are $14 a piece on Etsy. That’s quite a bit of money just in the amount of candles i see on some pages.

Sometimes i do fell like if i bought the candles and all the props i would have more followers, but at the same time i couldn’t afford to share my pictures if i bought all of the bookish stuff.

I guess i will never understand why there has to be that much stuff in your instagram pictures, to me it takes away from the books and the whole point. I share books to get people reading, enjoy the colors and covers of books, not spend a crap ton of money on props and covers, THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON MORE BOOKS.

What do you think? Do you spend money on your bookish pictures? Do you keep it simple like me and a few other bloggers? Lets chat in the comments.



8 thoughts on “Bookish Goodies and Bookstagram!!

  1. I agree I’ve just started my bookstagram account and I just don’t have the money to be able to make my books look ” aesthetically pleasing” but people should see the importance of the book community is the content of the books themselves! I think people forget the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover”😊

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  2. I’ve heard from quite a few bookstagram friends that pics with more props tend to get more likes. As for my personal experience, I mostly like the focus to be on the book and use very few props. If at all I use props, they are things already lying around the house. The only bookish merchandise I actually bought was a book sleeve, because they’re actually quite useful and there are a few that I got in a subscription box (I’ve only ever bought 1 box).

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      1. I do like the ones from book beau and book buddies UK but I haven’t bought from them because with the shipping charges to India added to the actual price, it’s very expensive. Luckily a company recently started making book sleeves here in India and it’s much much cheaper (almost 3-4 times cheaper).


  3. I’ve just made my bookstagram account, and I don’t see myself ever going to extreme lengths to make my pictures pretty, I occasionally use my cat, but the biggest thing I done was use my dresser where all my merch is kept to take photos so it looks a little better :’)

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