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So I have been trying to start a blog since around February 2016. I have done a total of 3 blogs with two of them failing and then I started this one. I think my failure was trying to write about things that I enjoyed, but they weren’t my passion. I love books, I’m passionate about getting people to read and enjoy reading. I’m that family member who tries to find you a book you might like, so with that said let’s get started.

1. Why Did You Start This Blog?

I started this blog to share my love of books and connect with others who love to read.

2. What are some fun and Unique things you can bring to blogging?

I don’t know honestly, I can only give my opinion on books and help others find a love for literature.

3. What are you most excited for about starting this new blog?

Connecting with other bloggers, authors, and publishers to share books. I have already made a few friends in the blogging community and I’m excited to see where this blog takes me.

4. Why do you love reading?

  1. It helps calm my anxiety, being able to escape and calm down.
  2. You get to see something through someone else’s eyes. You get to walk in their shoes and see what its like to go through something.

5. What book or series got you into reading?

I started reading in elementary school, but Harry Potter started my love of reading. I had the majority of the series read before I left elementary school.

6. What Questions would you ask your favorite authors?

Oh, I have some many, but ill name a few.

  1. What made you want to write a novel?
  2. When did you get your first novel published?
  3. What thought process do you go through while writing?

7. What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

I think the first thing would be to get your blog noticed. If you have no one reading your post, then whats the point, its nothing more than a reading journal at that point, but keep going anyway. The second would be to keep posting consistently, keeping your content real, exciting and honest. If you’re not putting the real you in your post and your opinions I think people will pick up on that and unfollow you.

8. When did you start Reading?

I started reading in elementary school in 3rd or 4th grade.

9. Where do you read?

Everywhere it’s quite if it’s not quite I can’t read. I’ll read in the car as long as I have an audiobook to drown out everyone else and the radio.

10. What kinds of books do you like to Read?

I mainly read YA, but I also enjoy New Adult, Thriller/Mystery, Horror, and Graphic Novels.


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