Bloggers I Love

There are so many book bloggers I follow, but some of them are amazing beyond words. They put so much effort and time into their blog and their content is amazing. I thought I would share their blogs and why I follow them with you.

  1. RimpyReads

Rimpy Reads is one of my top favorite blogs. She puts so much into her blog with posts, graphics and her time. She does everything from reviews to how to movie reviews. Her blog is amazing and she posts Monday through Friday. If you are not following her, I highly recommend checking her blog out in the link above.

2. DarqueDreamerReads

Darque does everything from blog tours to reviews to tags and discussions. She posts Mon-Fri and puts so much time on her blog and her graphics are so beautiful. She does quite a few buddy reads and always make a point to comment and blog hop to different blogs. If you are not following her, I highly recommend too. You can check out her blog at the link above.

3. KourtniReads

Her reviews and discussion posts are amazing. I do not think she posts Mon-Fri, but she does post 2 to 3 times a week from what I have seen. Her blog is simple and clean setup, it is easy to find all her posts. I am hella jealous of her books I’ve read this year index. She has them set up by month. If you do not follow her, please check her blog out at the link above.


They have the most amazing discussion posts on their blog. Most days they post and are so active with their followers in the comments. Their blog is simple and clean. If you are not following them, you can check them out at the link above.

5. BoricuanBookWorms

Cam and Marianna are amazing bloggers. Their reviews are fantastic and so well written. I also enjoy following them, because they have no issues calling a book on its bullshit. They do post a few times a week I believe. If you are not following them, you can check their blog out at the link above.

These are my favorite bloggers. They all put so much time into blogging and I can help but share their work with all of you. What are some of your favorite bloggers? Drop Links in the comments below.



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