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Agatha Christie and her detectives

One of my all-time favorite ever books is And Then There Were None - Christine's genius locked room mystery. The first time I read it I was up all night. It was that compelling. But it crucially doesn't feature any of Christie's detectives. My preferred sleigh being retired Belgian police officer, owner of excellent mustaches… Continue reading Agatha Christie and her detectives

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The Bronze Horseman Review by WhittyNovels

TW// rape, sexual abusive, violence, controlling partners, domestic abuse, suicide mention See my original Twitter thread for live reactions/extended thoughts: https://twitter.com/whittynovels/status/896685333504544769 The first 500 pages of this book set up to be a 3-4 star book. The setting is excruciatingly real and well-done, provided that I’m not an expert on Russian WWII history and can’t […]… Continue reading The Bronze Horseman Review by WhittyNovels