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Books vs. Movies

I have read many books that have later on become movies, and I have read many books I wanted to become movies. Movies that were books first get a bad rap, and I'm going to admit, sometimes, they don't deserve it. Sometimes they absolutely do. The Giver was never my favorite book. It was alright, but… Continue reading Books vs. Movies

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Interview with Raphael Farmer

Recently I had the chance to catch up with Australian indie writer Raphael Farmer. He writes YA, romance, and fantasy novels. Raphael has many talents aside from writing, including film making and photography. You can find his free ebook, Carried Away, here. 1) For our readers who might not know you, can you tell us… Continue reading Interview with Raphael Farmer

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Reading Discourse

There’s been some bizarre “reader discourse” popping up lately over who is allowed to call themselves a reader, bibliophile, bookworm, etc. Apparently, people who read Young Adult (YA) novels are not as “qualified” readers, or they are immature, or what have you. Apparently, people who only read the “classics” like Catcher in the Rye are… Continue reading Reading Discourse